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Rank Roles
« on: August 31, 2016, 09:43:47 pm »
Here is a list of all Ranks & their Roles
as well as a description on what each rank does and their authority in the community.

Community Owner

● Deals with the most major issues of the community / servers

● Does NOT deal with small issues

● A Community Owner should only be contacted if something serious is happening or the server is being hacked

Community Manager

● Oversees the community

● May handle all forum categorys, such as Player Reports/Appeals/Staff Apps

● Main Focus is making sure all lower Staff Ranks are doing their jobs

● Give interviews for new staff / promoted staff

● Look at Abuse Reports about staff / handles them

Server Manager

● Their main job is to watch over the server they are assigned to.

● They should be looking for any kind of issues, such as crashing problems, exploits. Then bring these issues to the Community Manager or Owners

● They are required to be on the forums looking at staff applications and ban appeals/requests.

● They do interviews for potential staff members along with Staff Directors.

● They should be watching all staff members on their server. Including Senior Admins / Staff Directors

● If there is a staff abuse issue bring it to these guys first, then follow the chain of command up.

● Has all permissions from the rank below aswell

Staff Director

● Accept/Deny New Staff Applications

● Watch over all staff ranks, up to Senior Admins

● Give interviews to new staff

● May handle abuse reports / player reports

● Has all permissions from the rank below aswell.

Senior Admin

● Senior Admins deal with most of the servers big issues, such as mass rdm/propblock/prop spam/crashing server

● They should be leading by example to other staff members, taking calls and responding in OOC to questions players may have.

● They should be promoting RPLand and the forums to players, as well as Admins, Moderators and Trial Staff.

● Make sure that VIPs, Golds and Lifetimes are getting the service they are expecting.

● Help other staff, especially newer ones how to do their job and use ULX.

● Try to promote others to become staff, letting Server Managers know about them too.

● Must be on the forums & server actively.


● Just like Senior Admins they should be promoting the forums to players & helping the community in any way they can

● They will deal with all king of issues the server will have.

● They should be taking as much calls as they can, especially when other staff may not be on.

● Admins will be watched very closely by Community Owners / Managers


● Moderators are just like admins, except with fewer ULX powers such as noclip.

● They should be striving to be what is said above with Admins and Senior Admins. Especially if they want to be promoted.

● They will deal with all kinds of issues the server will have.

● They should be taking the most calls, think of it as respecting your elders, try and take the job off the admins.

● Moderators will be watched very closely by Staff Directors / Server Managers

Trial Staff

● These are people who's staff apps have been accepted and are on a trial period before they are full Moderators.

● They should be extremely active and working hard in-game to make sure they reach full Moderator status.

● They should be asking for help from other staff, learning the ropes on how to do their job.

● They are on a probationary status, meaning if they do not show potential/good work they may be demoted back to member/VIP/whatever they were.

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