Author Topic: 4/17/2021 How's everyone doing  (Read 3843 times)

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4/17/2021 How's everyone doing
« on: April 17, 2021, 11:28:49 pm »
To whom it may concern,

Chances of you actually reading this are slim but if you are you're probably just taking a trip down memory lane such as I am. Just wanted to probably type what will be the final post on this forum. Those of you that know me must be some OG's cause I joined around December 11, 2016 and kinda got bored when my old group (Marsh, WonderInsane, Nerd, Tristana, Bender, Akul, etc.) But couldn't let go of the server of. This server alone has given me so much if I'm to be honest its the reason I have Discord, the reason I have some old friends, the reason I enjoy Garry's Mod so much as well as DarkRP in general. Without this shitty yet so amazing server that I spent years of my life on I dont know what I would've played for the years that I had played it. Anyways I don't wish to make the rant very long but if you wish comment telling me what you've been up to.
Your old pal,
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Re: 4/17/2021 How's everyone doing
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Whats good.