Author Topic: Some S.A.D./S.W.A.T. Suggestions  (Read 3275 times)

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Some S.A.D./S.W.A.T. Suggestions
« on: July 19, 2019, 08:15:20 pm »
Hi my name is Lieutenant General Haylen Jager part of the group called MTPF and i have a few problems to bring out to attention. I will add workshop links below.

Main Subject: Add Handcuffs and Tasers
So on the server you'll see a lot of people with weapons which can be extremely deadly, for example: literally ANY sniper rifle but the most notorious of the bunch being dragunov. With this immense amount of power in a single weapon; one will most likely not comply with PD forces as they think they can kill them, since it is a game after all and i dont think fearp applies in those situations. I do not simply ask for a damage reduction because that's just plainly wrongful to do. What i recommend though is some sort of taser to be added to the game, along with handcuffs . I ask this because with the baton, it's a good tool but it doesn't guarantee an arrest since it would take too long to write in the reason for the suspect to be wanted, which results in the cop/swat/sad being killed since they jump right out of the stun within 2 seconds.   This would minimize the amount of times a PD role would have to fight back and at the same time make situations more realistic which in the process makes everything more ideal for pd roles as it would make situations way easier.

Main Subject: Add Riot Shields or Some Sort Of Deploy-able Cover.
During high risk scenarios a SWAT or SAD unit can encounter, in lets say a raid: where they either engage a base or defend a base, or even defend PD; there needs to be a way for them to quickly get into cover or move forwards into a narrow space like a hallway without sponging up bullets by the opposing side. So what i recommend is to add riot shields . It would add in a great tactical advantage for the SWAT and SAD as well as make them seem more threatening since they cannot be easily killed.


Riot Shield (One of these will do, i cant seem to find one that's really my taste but these work)
(you'd have to buy this one, but its the best one out there)
Ill post more riot shield links when i find a suitable one.

And as I suggested over to Mister: S.A.D. Force Commander should have 200 armor, Demolitionist should have 250, and Mercenary should have 150 as these roles are not just your ordinary SWAT
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Re: Some S.A.D./S.W.A.T. Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2019, 07:29:50 pm »
Handcuffs already exist on the server as of now, and I do believe we used to have tasers too. As for riot shields, could be an interesting concept.