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« on: July 19, 2019, 02:51:36 am »
July 21st 2019

NEW Organizations have replaced gangs
Visit F4 to start a Organization, theres many features inside the menus such as
setting up meeting points, a MoTD, org chat, a bank, and ranks
Refunds are available from old Gangs, PM Mister

NEW In-game Custom Class Maker NPC
Located near the fountain you will find a Custom class npc
Players who buy a custom class package can now have it automatically added & make it themselves in-game
you get to choose ur own model, weapons, color, and command and once submitted will appear on the next server restart
You will also be automatically whitelisted

NEW Bank Manager Job
A new bank manager job has been added, he has access to the doors at the bank across from the fountain
Store players items/money printers/weed/ect...

Gas Station NPC Fixed
We have a new gas station NPC, same stuff is purchasable

Changes & Fixes
Herbs have been optimized
Traveler positions fixed
Cleaned up bunch of unused functions which resulted in better / faster networking
Fixed Race event
Fixed Jail Positions not being set

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