Author Topic: Edgemanifest's Ban Appeal  (Read 2056 times)

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Edgemanifest's Ban Appeal
« on: August 11, 2018, 09:44:18 pm »
Not sure if this is the correct place to post a ban appeal, sorry if it isn't.

Which Server is this for? I  played on the DarkRP server.

Hours on Server? I played for less than an hour.

Name of the Staff that banned you: I was banned by the console.

Your Steam Name: My steam name is "Edgemanifest".

Your in-game name: My in-game name is also "Edgemanifest"

Your Steam Profile/SteamID:

How long were you banned for?: I was Permabanned.

Why were you banned?: I was banned for hacking.

Why should you be unbanned?: I was just trying to get my game to stop crashing. I logged on to the server and about every 10 minutes my game would crash and give me the "Lua panic, not enough Memory" error. So I went on a forum on how to fix the error, the solution involved changing my games heapsize. So I went into the advanced settings and altered my heapsize according to what the forum said would be best for my PC's ram. I tried to log back in and was banned before I logged in. I asked my friend to  talk to an admin, and was guided here. Thank you for your help, I hope this can be resolved. If it helps at all, the name of the admin my friend spoke to was "Trojan". My friends in-game name is "Ali Baba".

Evidence: First piece of evidence is the forum I used, The link along with the intructions it gave. It will not allow me to copy paste the pictures. The second link is a screenshot of my Ban.
Link 1:   Link 2:
These are the steps that are on the forum on how to fix the error.
Step .1
Firstly go into steam and find Gmod in your library then right click on gmod and click properties.
Step .2
After going into properties click SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...
Step .3
now there should be a box that you can type into on your screen,
to fix the LUA problem you need to type in one of the following corresponding you your ram.

If you have 2GB of ram type in

-heapsize 2097152

If you have 4GB of ram type in

-heapsize 4194304

if you have 8GB of ram type in

-heapsize 8388608

After typing in the command, launch Gmod and load onto a server, if this didn't work and you still crash,
Try typing in the lower amount of ram, for example

if you have 8GB you would type in the one for 4GB

and if you have 4 you would type in for the one with 2GB

but i couldn't find the command for 2 gb of ram, if you do only have 2GB of ram i recommend upgrading to at least 4 or 8, i would say 8 is the perfect amount for gaming. if this doesn't work try to only run gmod on your pc not google chrome or any other apps
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Re: Edgemanifest's Ban Appeal
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2018, 11:07:32 pm »
Please PM me about this