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Organization Rules (MUST READ)
« on: July 10, 2016, 02:15:54 pm »

If you plan on having an organization on any one of our servers, you must comply with all the following rules.
If you do not like or understand the necessary steps required to be followed, then you probably shouldn't purchase this package.
This package is meant for people who have had one before, or knows how to set one one professionally.

- You must create an Application Format that your new applicants must fill out, and it requires atleast 8 questions.
- One of the questions must include a word count no less than 100 characters. (ex. "How could you benefit our org Explain in 100 words")
- Must include a Pomotion Application Format. So new members can access more jobs
- You must have a roster/list of all your members, so we know who is in the org and who isnt
- Cant be whitelisted for all jobs, unless you are the co-owner or owner or you have been promoted all the way though
- Theres only 1 job per promotion. that means you cant get promoted to to have access to all jobs, you must work your way up.
- The Default wait time between Promotion & Applying applications is 5 days by default (changable but no less than 6 days)
- New members will need to make a promotion app, to move higher/access in ranks/jobs
- Nobody can be whitelisted unless accepted by the owner of the organization

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