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Root's Cult 88 App
« on: July 18, 2017, 07:56:12 pm »
1. How old are you? 14

2. How many hours do you have on RPLand? 270 something idk

3. Are you in the CJC? (Circle Jerk Crew) Yuh my B

4. Do you have a mic? Yuh my B

5. Do you have Discord? Yuh my B

6. Are you VIP? Yuh my B

7. Who do you know in the CJC or in Cult88? MRWAFFLES, NightKnight, MrPoopyButthole, Benson (kinda), Fliz, Godswrath88

8. Are you willing to dedicate your life to our God? OH YEH MR KROOBS

Why do you want to be in Cult 88? Cuz i'm an edgy MEI MEI lord that most people hate because I'm A Diamond Genji Main that Ryuujin no kei o kure's all over the Enemy Team. Also i could bamboozle all of the non meme lords that come against us, Many People think i'm a Minge and that statement is for the most part true BUT  i could be a non mingy guy if i want to, i also ask most people to back off before i shove their intestines into their nostrils so thats nice. I'm also a Frog ;~; If that statement doesn't win you over then i don't know what will.

How can you benefit this org?

I could benefit this org by being a non mingy cuck like i usually am. I could also help with shit like donating about 69 dollars to the org a day unless that's too much. I'm also on for at least 3 hours a day because i have no life and 0 friends outside of school BUT y'know i gotta make it to Masters somehow. ;-; why tf am i putting Ogre Crotch Shit in this? Maybe cuz i'm autistic. Oh yeah i forgot IM SUPER FUCKING EDGY I USED TO MAIN REAPER THATS HOW EDGY I FUCKING WAS!!!!!
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Re: Root's Cult 88 App
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2017, 05:03:33 pm »

Welcome to Cult88! Get ready to kill for our God. ;)