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Organization Application Template
« on: April 30, 2016, 11:43:25 am »
Before you think about creating an organization on one of our servers you MUST post a Organization Application.

Name Of Organization:

Group Leaders Name:

What server is this group based on?:

Color of Org Members & Category:

How many members? (if pay'd for extra slots):

Job Classes (Max is 3 Jobs, unless payed for extra):

Job Weapons (For each Job you can choose 1 Primary, 1 Secondary) & 1 misc weapon for one job (extra misc weps are $15 & $10 for regular ones)

Models for Each Job (choose from our server only):

Brief description of the group?:

Have you donated for any perks for this group?:

What role is your organization? (Governement/Criminal):

You do understand that all orgs still follow rules, and can be terminated if seen fit:

Visit the Donate Page, and choose what server your organization is based on then purchase the Server Organization Package. Your organization will be added shortly after.
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