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Administration & Staff Precautions
« on: October 30, 2016, 03:09:28 am »
Any Staff that are seen Not following these Precautions Will get a Major Staff Strike!

NOTE (Ex. of the correct way to deal with a first offence)
when you jail someone for breaking the rules, you must goto them and talk to them about what they did
and make sure they understand why there being jailed, then warn them, while they are jailed, then leave them in jail it will auto unjail them once the timers up
 If the person proceeds to break rules again, after you have jailed / warned them, Only then can you Kick or Ban them

Remember, don't ALWAYS think you need to give out a punishment. Give chances, be nice, and have empathy. Every player should be treated differently depending on the situation and how they respond. There is no Specific way to handle a sit.

[First Offence]: Warn & Jail
[Second Offence]: Kick or Ban

Prop Block
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail
[Second Offence]: Kick or Ban

Staff Disrespect
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail or Mute/Gag
[Second Offence]: Kick or Ban

Prop Climb
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail
[Second Offence]: Kick or Jail

Public Radio/TV
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail
[Second Offence]: Blacklist or Jail

DDos Threats
Instant Ban

If any staff is caught banning a player without taking them to a sit and talking to them, and finding evidence. They will be Instantly demoted.

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