Welcome to Roleplay Land, please take the time to read through our rules 
Rules are listed from A - W

General Rules

A1.  Disrespect / harassment / sexual harassment / trolling / prejudice / racism will be not tolerated, period.

A2. Hacking/exploiting/cheating in any way is not allowed.

A3. No microphone spamming. (Playing sounds / music for an extended amount of time).

A4. No chat spamming. (Sending a lot/the same messages over and over).

A5. Do not impersonate staff members.

A6. Do not evade or avoid punishment (Walking away from staff while they talk to you, logging off while staff is speaking with you or if a player says they are going to call for staff and you leave).

A7. Do not advertise other servers, communities, or any businesses.

A8. You cannot have a name made up mostly or entirely of Unicode/special characters.

A9. Bullying of other players will not be tolerated.

A10. Please keep vulgar content (Swearing, joking, etc.) to a minimum.

A11. Whatever a staff member says, goes. If they say something that you don't agree with, make a post about it on the forums or contact the owner/co-owner.

A12. Trying to avoid AFK by using programs such as AutoClicker are not allowed, Miners or anyone seen using autoclickers or any other method of avoiding AFK will be warn/kicked, Seen again results in a ban.


B1. Do not Prop Spam. (Excessively spawning props.)

B2. Do not Prop Kill. (Killing players with props.)

B3. Do not Prop Push ( Using a prop to push someone physically)

B4. Do not spawn extremely large or explosive props. (This may lag or kill people.)

B5. Do not build in the streets or public areas. (Hobos and pets may only build outside, but on the curbs only. If it sticks out on the street, that is okay. They cannot build in the dead center of the street, however.)
Any class can build in these specific areas on the streets: The dead-end tunnel in Residential Area, dead-end tunnel in the Slums, the empty lot next to the Warehouse District tunnel, the empty lot near PD that's between the two buildings (both in Downtown) . These are "free build spots", meaning you can build here as any class. Building, bases, shops, little event areas like shooting ranges or mini mazes ect., and anything else you can conjure up. I want to encourage free building to a degree so people can be creative.

B6. Do not prop block. (Purposely block players.) You may prop block doors if there is one legitimate way for people to get in.

B7. Do not prop trap. (Trapping people with props.) For kidnapping, you may make a box but it must have a keypad with it.

B8. Do not prop climb. (Using props to get an altitude advantage to buildings or bases.)

B9. Do not prop surf. (Spawning a prop and using it to get around or fly on it.)


C1. Do not Random Death Match. (Also known as RDM.) RDM is the act of killing or attacking someone without reason relating to the context of RP.

C2. Do not "Friend Claim". This is the act of killing anyone who kills someone else just because you claim to be "friends". To be valid 'friends', you must have some RP relation to that character. (E.G. Basing with him, in his gang, or his body guard, though you must be in a party with that person to actively protect one another.)

C3. Do not break New Life Rule. (Also known as NLR.) This is the rule that states you cannot remember details from your past life; before you died, or before you were killed. Also, you may not return to your area of death for five minutes. This excludes dying for non-RP reasons such as accidentally killing yourself with a prop, etc.

C4. Do not Fail RP. This is the act of failing to role play a job properly within the scope of the rules. If you are in a specific job requiring you to carry out specific duties and you are failing to carry out those duties, you will be demoted. (Ex: Cops stealing from people, etc.)

C5. Do not randomly demote. This is when you demote someone without good reason. You only need to demote when a staff member is not available to help you and when a person has violated the rules in any way.

C6. Do not Job Abuse. This is the act of abusing a job for personal gain and avoiding your responsibility to RP as the job title you have selected. (Ex: Going gun dealer to buy yourself weapons then switching back to a gangster, etc.This is also an instance of "self-supplying".)

C7. Do not directly seek vengeance on the CP that arrested you once you've been released. You may, however, place a hit on that CP.

C8. Do not scam the other players. (Ex: pretend to sell items or services, then take the money without providing those items or services.)

C9. Do not meta-game. Using [ooc] Out Of Character information to benefit yourself in an In Character situation. (Ex: using 'printer sparks' as a reason for warranting someone.) ( if a person is disguise as something and trying to pass them self off as something else you can simply identify them such as a hit men disguising as a cop you can refuse to let that hit men in even though he is disguised as a cop. )
C11. You may not own more than one building. One building per person, but you can co-own other doors with party members.

C10. Make sure KOS lines are easily seen. ( Example: Make a rather large red line with props and a sign in front saying "KOS if line is crossed").

C11. You may not own more than one building. One building per person, but you can co-own other doors with party members. C21. The only public areas you can block off completely, as long as you have permission from everyone that lives within the district, are as followed : The Warehouse District ( the only tunnel that can be blocked), and Rocky lane ( You can't block that tunnel, but you can make a wall were the buildings are.) Mind you must have enough people to even claim that area. Finally all doors within the buildings must be owned. Each building must be owned by a different person, and all buildings must be in use!
You may control whole buildings such as the two apartment buildings in Downtown and the apartments in the Residential area. BUT: All doors must be owned inside of the building and each apartment inside of the apartments must be owned by a different person. You must also have permission from everyone in the apartments to block off the lobby.

C12. Do not edit or build your base during a raid. (This targets raiders as well! Do not block off entrances to keep people out!)

C13. Do not re-lock doors and/or fading doors with the intent on slowing down a raider.

C14. Spamming the knock function constantly to annoy people is not allowed.

C15. Do not body block unless it makes complete sense in the context of role-play.

C16. No multi adverting. EX. (/advert raid / mug / kidnap / tie hands.)
Adverts are NOT needed!

C17. We are a Serious RP Server. Verbal commands such as "you are bound and gagged" apply heavily. People may role play it out, but they don't have to listen to you if they don't want to. This why kidnappers have the tools to physically do their job. Always follow fear rp.

C18. Do not spawn and use printers as a bomb or method of destroying and killing. This is
called 'printer bombing' and is forbidden.

C19. Do not hit box. This is the act of being able to shoot someone without them being able to shoot you back.

C20. No baiting; waiting for someone to do something in RP and then either killing or arresting them after they call whatever they were going to do. (Ex1. Someone calls raid on your base and you blast them while you're right behind them.| Ex2. A Hit man cannot call someone to spawn to assassinate them.) This includes calling the cops with /911 just to kill them when they get past your KOS line.

C21. The only public areas you can block off completely, as long as you have permission from everyone that lives within the district, are as followed : The Warehouse District ( the only tunnel that can be blocked), and Rocky lane ( You can't block that tunnel, but you can make a wall were the buildings are.) Mind you must have enough people to even claim that area. Finally all doors within the buildings must be owned. Each building must be owned by a different person, and all buildings must be in use!
You may control whole buildings such as the two apartment buildings in Downtown and the apartments in the Residential area. BUT: All doors must be owned inside of the building and each apartment inside of the apartments must be owned by a different person. You must also have permission from everyone in the apartments to block off the lobby.

C22. No kidnapping, pickpocketing, raping or mugging in Spawn.

C23. No setting up printers ontop of a place normal players cannot reach (Using the climb swep /grapple hook to put printers on top of your base). If You do this, there must be a ramp / stairs to get up there. Everyone must have access to it in some way.

C24. Do not KOS Admins that are on duty. (Doing so will result in a 24 hour ban!)

C25. Do not kill yourself to remove your NLR bubble. If you have an NLR bubble you MUST wait for it to end.

C26. Only classes that can kidnap are the kidnapper and custom jobs basically if you don't have the knockout weapon, you are not allowed to kidnap. But any class that can raid may assist in a kidnapping.

C27. TVs must be spawned indoors or on property's, not spawned randomly on the streets.

C28. Do not go around the afk kicker via auto run in circles. If you have to afk do so and if you get afk kicked then you do.

C29. Chair Rules -
--Do not exploit them in any way ( Using them to glitch through walls etc )
--Do not Sit in them to avoid being killed (this would be Meta gaming/Fail Rp)
--All Sittable chairs must stay inside your house and or property
( No Sitting in chairs randomly in the streets)

C30. People who are Building there base with a building sign cannot be raided, mugged, kidnapped, or overall bothered. You may complete hits however and you do not have to advert raid. If you break into a building to complete a hit you can ONLY complete the hit and then leave immediately after you CANNOT steal anything.

C31. Do not rdm or stunstick friends in public it does not matter if there your friends and they Ok it. Random killing or stun sticking must be done indoors, behind props were people cant see you do it. ( For admins you may take your rdming, stun sticking, etc to the admin zone.) ( keep in mind both people must be ok with it.)

C32. XP Farming for Police is NOT ALLOWED

Available Adverts

/advert PD Raid

Adverts that DO NOT exist

/advert raid

/advert counter raid

/advert raid over

/advert mug

/advert kidnap

/advert crossfire

/advert terror

/advert counter

/advert warn

Bind testing in advert is also not allowed


E1. People who own property also own the curb in front of their property.

E2. You cannot have more than four fading doors per base. You may have one additional fading door per person for printer storing.

E3. You cannot have fake or useless keypads.

E4. Keypads must be in plain sight and close to the door that it opens.

E5. Your base cannot be impossible to raid.

E6. You may make windows to shoot out of, but you cannot make small holes to shoot out of. At least half your body must be visible by all angles.

E7. KOS (Kill on Sight) lines are allowed, but you may only use it on your property. You may label what KOS lines can apply to, such as Hobos, Hitmen, ect.

E8. You cannot put fading doors on unownable doors.

E9. All keypads' fading timers cannot be less than 5 seconds.

E10. Bases cannot have invisible props or entities. Every part of your base must be visible, but you can put invisible props over your windows if you would like.

E11. Bases cannot have a one-way fading door or window. (One-way window is okay if it's for viewing the outside, but not to gain an unfair advantage for raids.)

E12. You may have fading door windows to shoot out of. BUT: The fading door has to be linked to a keypad with 4 numbers, and has to be set to toggle. (You cannot press your hot key to open and shut fading doors.)

E13. You can build to the roof of your building if you own all of the property that is below it. (No bridges to other rooftops.)

E14. You must have one keypad or button on each side of a fading door. ( Unless it's shop box, kidnapping cage, or a shooting window then you only need one.)

E15. You cannot have printers / shipments while you have a building sign up. ( If you do, then you're free game to anyone who is raiding you.)

E16. You can only have 1 one way prop to shoot through

E17. You cannot have fading doors that are overly confusing. (E.G., having a black room with a fading door that opens into another black room)

E18. You may not have entrances to your base which require you to crouch to enter.

E19. No no-colliding walls so you can pop in and out of to shoot. At least 50% of your body must be shootable and seeable at all times when fighting.

E20. When you are building, you may put up a "Building" sign. While building, people cannot raid you unless it is for a hit 




F1. Once you raid someone, you cannot raid that person again for 30 mins.

F2. Do not raid the Police Department or the Mayor within 15 minutes of him being elected into office.

F3. Do not raid Gun Dealers/Black Market Dealers/Bartenders/Furniture Dealers/Food Vendors/Medical Pharmacists/Drug Dealers right after you buy something from them.

F4. Do not use a camera that is no=-collided to see inside another person's base.

F5. You cannot block nor knockdown cameras to blind defenders.

F6. Placing C4 anywhere but inside the raiding area is not allowed. (This will be treated as Attempted RDM.) You are only allowed to C4 an entrance into someone's base. If any more C4 is used, it will be considered abusing as it can destroy much of a person's base.

F7. You cannot make a prop un-collidable during a raid and them make it solid again to gain an advantage.

F8.  Do NOT need to advert raid, when you are raiding somebody

F9. If you are in a party with someone who is raiding PD, you need to advert "PD raid assist." You must call out raid assist no later than 10 seconds after your party member does. If you do it after 10 seconds, it is invalid and you cannot be a part of the raid.

F10. If you have to fix your keypad mid-raid then the raiders must wait 5 mins before reraiding you. This only applies once. If a staff member has to have you fix a keypad for the second time, the raid may resume with the raiders being set back 1 fading door.


Criminal Classes (Anyone who can raid)

G1. When mugging, you have to give the person 10 seconds or more to drop no more than 2000 dollars. You may tell them that changing weapons = KOS, but you must allow the person to move his body turning left or right, but if he moves from their position (taking a step forward or back), then you may KOS them.

G2. Mugging can only be done once every 3 mins and if you assist you still have to wait 3 mins as well.

G3. You cannot mug Hobos or pets.

G5. The Gang Leaders are the boss of all the Gang Members. Killing him as a part of that Gang is considered Fail RP.

G6. Different Gangs may raid each other.

G7. Gangs are not allowed to raid or work together. (Such as Crips and Bloods raiding together).

G8. You cannot raid the Mayor or put a hit on the Mayor within the first 15 minutes of them being elected.

G9. Only one Raid Medic is allowed per group. This is to prevent certain groups from becoming too powerful.

G10. You cannot pickpocket AFK players.

G11. You cannot pickpocket the same person more than 3 times in a row.

G12. Party members may Assist to aid you with your /mug attempt.

G13. You can solo raid any base, but may not solo raid the PD.( You must have 2 or more people in the raid group to raid the PD/Bank).


H1. The mayor must lead Civil Protection and assign them tasks.

H2. The Mayor has to make reasonable laws. Type /mcon to edit the laws, and you can also edit the laws board. Type /laws and edit the laws of the city! Police must enforce these laws.

H3. Mayor must base in the PD but can venture out to visit his citizens.

H4. No random lock-downs of any sort are allowed. Please give a reason over "/broadcast" before you use the lock-down command.

H5. You cannot command an officer to randomly kill people, or to break any official rp or server rule. Doing so is against the rules.

H6. If there is no Mayor, whatever /laws were left behind from old Mayor are still valid, even if there is no mayor. The police are allowed to enforce those old laws.

H7. When you die you cannot go back to the Mayor class for 15 minutes minimum.


J1. Buying a house is not allowed. You must build a place in the streets, This means on the curbs not in the MAIN STREETS.

J2. Hobos are not allowed to have guns, except for melee weapons (This includes the knife, machete, Damascus sword, stun stick, and harpoon).

J3. Hobos cannot place hits, cannot be raided, cannot be pick pocketed, and cannot be kidnapped. ( This same rule applies to the Hobo King and pets.)

J4. Burning people is considered RDM so don't do it unless it is in self-defense.

J5. Hobos are permitted to build outdoors, however, they can not build in the street. Only on curbs and empty spaces throughout. Furthermore, they cannot have their builds hanging into/over the street. The sidewalk is their limit.


K1. CPs are not allowed to own money printers or drug labs. If you acquire one, stun stick it to make money and destroy it for good.

K2. CPs have to enforce the law and use the Police Department as their base.

K3. CPs must always try to arrest criminals first before shooting to kill them. If a person is trying to harm you or anyone else, they may be shot and killed!

K4. If a person is resisting arrest, you are allowed to use lethal force after giving them multiple warnings.

K5. Do not stun stick abuse (Hitting someone randomly over and over with a stun stick.)

K6. You may not randomly weapon-check players. You may weapon check a player as they enter the Police Department or before speaking with the Mayor.

K7. You may weapon check someone if you ask them if they could be weapon checked. You may weapon check a wanted player.

K8. Random arresting is not allowed. The person must be breaking a law for you to arrest them.

K9. Warranting to check a house without any proof of contraband is not allowed. This also applies for weapon checking. "Sparks from printers" do not count as proof. Legitimate proof to warrant someone is as followed: They killed someone and ran into their base, you saw someone go into their base carrying a illegal item with them, a person harms someone from within their base. Any criminal acts done that makes them wanted can also make them warranted. Players who are arrested may also then have their house warranted and searched while they are in jail. All Illegal items must be destroyed! (Stun Stick them!)

K10. Mayor's Guard must stay with the Mayor at all times; you are his personal bodyguard. Not police.

K11. Government officials cannot place hits, take drugs, or lay with prostitutes even if it is legal.

K12. Do not arrest people if they're in a sit, and do not arrest Admins on duty.

K13. Do not stalk criminal classes waiting for them to break the law. (This is considered baiting!)

K14. You cannot own any sort of building. The PD is the only place you can base or really be in, but you may build in the PD and its lobby.


L1. You must have a shop of some form, and must sell to people.

L2. You cannot refuse to sell to certain factions of people. You can ban certain people from your shop for RP reasons.

L3. Do not self supply guns to yourself, unless you intend to defend yourself as a dealer.

L4. One or more dealers may open a shop together.

L5. You do not need a gun license as a gun dealer to sell guns unless the Mayor has added a law requiring you to have one.

L6. Drug dealers may call their goods anything but drugs, and they can't get in trouble for it. But if the word "drug" is any way used, they can be wanted. (Even "medical drugs").

L7. Dealers can base with criminals and can help out by selling to them, but you still have to sell to everyone else.

L8. Do not switch to a dealer class and give your friends guns. This will be treated as self-supply.


M1. You must find a person to work with; you cannot base by yourself.

M2. You cannot help raid or defend raiders as a bodyguard. You guard bases, not raid them.

M3. You cannot be the Mayors bodyguard; that title is reserved for the Mayor's Guard.


N1. Your hit price cannot exceed 10k. Any more than this is considered scamming, and is punishable.

N2. Hits on the mayor are only allowed if he has been in office for at least 15 mins.

N3. Government officials cannot place hits. It is your responsibility to refuse their requests.
Both players will be punished if you accept and carry out the hit.

N5. Hitmen cannot order hits from each other. Both players will be punished if they do. *Custom jobs may place hits with hitmen*

N6. Players may place a hit on someone they plan to raid as a means to hire you to help them raid a place. Once your hit is complete, your job is done and you MUST leave the raid.

N7. You cannot pay someone to place a hit.

N8. You cannot complete a hit on a admin doing a sit

N9. Hitmen can complete hits on people building with building signs as long as they are outside the building.



P1. You cannot raid or help your master raid. 

P2. You may not purchase/own any weapons.

P3.  Pets can not drive vehicles

P4. You may not attack someone without reason. Reasons to bite or attack someone are as follows: If you, your owner, or your friend (that is in your party) is attacked.

P5. Pets need to be actively looking for an owner.

P6. Do not bark/allen endlessly; it's a form of spam and is annoying. Only bark/allen once in a while or when role play permits it. ( Such as your owners base is being raided, you can spam bark at the raiders to scare them off).


Q1. One mercenary per client.

Q2. You are not a hitman; you cannot be payed to kill other people.

Q3. You can be hired to raid someone or help mug a person.

Q4. You must be looking for a client to work with.

Q5. You cannot base by yourself.

Q6. Mercenaries cannot work with other Mercenaries. Meaning if your client wants to hire you but he already has a mercenary, he cannot hire you as well.

Q7. Mercenaries cannot hire other people.



S1. Abusing any tools that spawn with the Kidnapper job will have you permanently removed from the job.

S2. You cannot kidnap the same person within an hour.

S3. You cannot use the knockout swep as a weapon.

S4. You must always hold the person for ransom.

S5. After you held someone for 5 minutes, if no one has paid ransom, you can choose to either kill them or set them free.

S6. You cannot ask for more than 5,000 dollars for ransom.

S7. Once you kidnap someone, you have to wait 5 minutes before you can kidnap another person.

S8. If someone pays your hostage's ransom, you must release them safely. Not releasing them after ransom is paid is considered FailRP and scamming.

S9. If you are being kidnapped, killing yourself is against the rules, and is considered FailRP.

S10. When you make a Cage for your kidnapped victims you do not need to put a keypad on the inside of it only the outside of the cage.

S11. You cannot have more than two people imprisoned (Kidnapped) at a time and you can have them fight to the death.

Evil Jobs


T1. You are KOS which means Kill On Sight


T3. You are Allowed to kill people


U1. You cant Raid People

U2. You are Allowed to kill people


U4. You are KOS


V1. This job is KOS which mean Kill On Sight.

V2. You are Allowed to solo raid

V3. You are Allowed to kill people

V4. NOT ALLOWED to use any weapons



1. You are KOS (Kill on sight).

2. You are not allowed to use any guns or weapons.

3. You are allowed to raid.

4. Xenomorphs are the leader of the Reapers. Reapers must follow the Xenomorphs and abide by their every command.

Flesh Eating Zombie

1. You are KOS (Kill on sight)

2. You cannot /eat players in spawn.

3. You are allowed to attack and kill people.

4. You cannot raid.

5. You cannot use any guns



Useful In-game Commands

/invholster will auto inventory whatever weapon you have out
/trade <playersname> will start a trade with whoever you are looking at
/roll will gamble a random number
/help will bring up the Help menu with many links
/911 will notify all emergency units to your location
/showid shows your personal I.D information
/map Brings up the Town Map
/check <name><amount> will make a personal check for the persons name put
/advert will make an advertisement displayed to all players in the chat box
/give <amount> gives the player you are looking at money
/drop will drop your current weapon
/dropmoney <amount> will drop however much money you want

Radio Host
/transmit is used to notify all the players about upcoming songs you are going to play or whats currently playing

Movie Manager
/announce is used to tell players when you are about to play a movie