Hello everyone! We know you've all been waiting patiently for the hinted release of a brand new server.

On behalf of the RPLand management team, I am proud to announce the release of Noobonic Roleplay! We've taken all the awesome aspects of the downtown roleplay, and combined them with features from one of the oldest darkrp servers in existance (For those who remember, the N00bonic Plague).

With this being said, we intend to set a new precedent in the genre of darkrp. The new server combines all the great aspects of darkrp without being loaded with useless features or scripts that are used by every server. We have been working effortlessly to provide a totally new and exciting experience that everyone can enjoy. We've made some massive changes, and a short version of a changelog will be posted soon. We will not go in-depth because we'd like the community to explore and experience our new community for themselves.

Thank you all so much for sticking around, this project wouldn't have been possible without our amazing community and all those who have supported us since the release of downtown roleplay.

We will have more information and guides going up on the new forums soon, so we hope you will sign up to stay updated with all the progress we're making.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to answer. In addition to this, we will also be releasing a statement on the pandemic that is currently raging across the world. While we believe our server should be an escape from the troubles of the real world, this issue is very massive to be completely ignored.

Here's all of the essential information for the new community, and we hope to see all of you online to help us define a new era of the darkrp genre.

Forums: https://www.rpland.org/noobonic/
Server IP: Going LIVE this week! Stay Tuned!



- Our Beloved Developer  Ethan 






El Camino



You can now Complete Quests in 2 different ways, one is doing the Side Quests in F4 and the second is Finding NPCs around the map. Here are some Examples of the NPC Quests:




Every time you run, your running level slowly increases! The more you level up, the faster you'll run!

Every time you take damage, your endurance level slowly increases! The more you level up, the more resistant to damage you'll become!

Every time you mine, your mining level slowly increases! The more you mine, the more likely it will be to find gems and resources! You will also be able to purchase an upgraded pickaxe!

Every time you arrest a criminal, your Government Level slowly increases! The more you enforce the law, the more government abilities/jobs you will have access to!

Every time you interact with npcs, your intelligence level slowly increases! The more you interact, the more jobs/quests you will have access to!






You can mine for resources or gems on any rock wall throughout the entire map! You can also chop any tree with your axe!


Every time you mine, you have a chance to unearth a gem! Interact(E) with gems to store them in your inventory PERMANENTLY. You can view/drop stored gems within the f1 menu!

To sell your obtained gems, you must visit the GEM SEEKER NPC. Interact(E) with the npc for the option to sell gems individually or in bulk!




The crafting menu can now be used via the 'Crafting' tab of the F4 menu.

Select any item within the crafting menu. You may then press the 'Craft' button.

Once you have mined for resources, crafted items are now given directly to you, rather than spawning on the crafting table.




Bushes spawn randomly around the map! Interact(E) with bushs to get a random herb stored in your inventory PERMANENTLY. You can view/drop stored herbs within the f1 menu!

An alchemy bench along with miscellaneous ingredients can be purchased from the F4 menu! Place all ingredients/herbs on the table and interact(e) with the table to craft potions!

Different herbs can give many potion effects such as armor, health gain, jump boost, speed boosts, and much more!




Upon death, press any key to become a ghost! You are transparent and fly around with low gravity until your respawn timer runs out.

Respawning as a ghost will mean your life will start again. You will loose all equipment and weapons!

If a player gives you CPR or you are revived by a medic, you will keep all equipment and weapons!


A list of the new features currently implemented: